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Best Fly Fishing Movies Of All Time

Top 5 Best Fly Fishing Movies of All Time

The best fly fishing movies draw people to the sport and grow their love. That’s because fly fishing is regarded as one of the aesthetically pleasing outdoor activities. The beautiful surroundings, stunning fish, handmade flies, and rods, and also the art of fly casting. So, it makes sense that filmmakers […]

4 weight fly rod uses

The Best Fly Fishing Vest For the Money

For years, I tried to find a good alternative to the fishing vest. I went with sling packs, chest packs, hip packs – the whole gamut. Yet I keep coming back to the vest. For me, it’s the most comfortable, and the most convenient. If you’re in that same camp, […]


How to Fly Fish With Two Flies

I’ve long been a fan of fishing multiple flies. A few of my buddies even started calling me “triple-threat” a while back, because I’d always fish three flies on our local waters here in Utah. While three flies might be a bit excessive for some anglers, I think it’s critically […]

Best budget fly rod combo
Fly Rods

The Best Budget Fly Rod Combo

Whether you’re looking for your first rod or your fifteenth, a budget fly rod combo can be a great option. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice looking for your first set up, or the seasoned veteran scoping out a deal. Brands are now beginning to aim these at a […]