How long does fly line last?

How Long Does Fly Line Last?

You’ve had your line for a couple of years now and never had an issue with it. It sailed through the guides without hesitation, and floated on the water like a timber rattler swimming across a stream.  But as the years have waged your line has been exposed to sun […]

Best weight fly rod for bass
Fly Rods

What’s the Best Weight Fly Rod for Bass?

While the fly fishing traditionalists continue to fish exclusively for native, natural trout with only dry flies and bamboo rods, the modern fly fisherman has turned his high-tech gear and unprejudiced attention to new quarry: the freshwater bass. And if you’ve ever caught one, even with sacrilegious non-fly tackle, you […]

Best fly line for nymphing

Best Fly Line for Nymphing

When I first started fly fishing I would exclusively use dry flies. Dry fly fishing is simple – you watch the fly float on the water, try to maintain the same speed as the current, and when a fish eats it you set the hook. I saw what was going […]