Best wading boots for slippery rocks

The Best Wading Boots for Slippery Rocks

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Algae covered rocks can spell disaster for anglers. They create slippery and unstable walking conditions that could cause at least a small injury or even something more serious. Finding the best wading boots for slippery rocks will up your confidence.

When you’re out on the water you need to have reliable footwear that can not only keep you safe but keep you fishing. This is where having a good set of boots that can grip those wet, slippery rocks comes into play. 

Having a decent pair of wading boots can be the difference between a nice long day of fishing, one that ends early, or worst case scenario having a whole fishing season cut short.

Keeping your feet and ankles protected will affect your whole body. Wearing improper footwear when you’re out on the water could mean a slip and fall which could cause you to land awkwardly and hurt yourself. Landing awkwardly could result in dislocating a shoulder, breaking a wrist, or even a concussion.

Check out our list below to ensure you have a long, happy, and safe fishing season. The boots listed will vary in price and effectiveness, so find one that works best for you and where you plan on fishing.

BrandPro’sCon’sRating Availability
Patagonia Foot Tractor by DannerIncredible TractionBig and Expensive4.7/5Check price at Patagonia
Redington SkagitGreat PriceRun Large4/5Check price on Amazon
Korkers Buckskin BootChangeable SolesDurability3.7/5Check price at Trident
Duck and Fish Wading BootBudget BootDurability3.1/5Check price on Amazon
Hodgman H3 BootQuick DryingRun Big3.5/5Check price on Amazon
Redington Willow RiverWomens SizesEyelets fall off4.1/5Check price at Trident
Simms G3 Guide BootsNeoprene InternalsSized Small4.6/5Check price at SIMMS
Korkers Devils CanyonReplaceable SolesPricey4.4/5Check price at Trident
Redington Youth CrosswaterSupportive, and great gripExpensive for youth footwear4.2/5Check price at Trident
Orvis UltralightLightweight DesignLaces too short4.4/5Check price at ORVIS

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Best Wading Boots for Slippery Rocks

Patagonia Foot Tractor by Danner

What do you get when two of the most recognizable outdoor brands collaborate together? One of the best wading boots on the market! Also this is our pick for on of the best wading boots for slippery rocks.

First off, the “Foot Tractor” might be one of the greatest names ever for a boot. Secondly, the boot itself holds up to the name. This is easily one of, if not the best wading boot out on the market right now. 

These boots have been completely redesigned to add increased durability, comfort, as well as fit. They allow the angler all day stability which helps decrease fatigue, and better durability. Meaning you can fish hard in these boots for years to come.

They also come in three different types of sole, rubber, aluminum, and felt.

Check the price at Patagonia


Redington Skagit

Redington Skagit River Sticky Rubber Boot - 8, Bark

The Skagit comes in at a great price that most anglers can afford, while simultaneously being a strong durable boot. It features a reinforced toe and heel for extra support and protection from the elements. Redington also wrapped the boot with a rubber rand.

It features grippy rubber soles that are perfect for clinging to wet rocks and slippery river bottoms. For extra grip it is recommended that you use studs. 

The boot does run smaller than normal, so it is recommended to order up a size if you plan on using neoprene socks while wading. 

Check the Price on Amazon

Made of Strong MaterialRun’s Small
Great Price

Korkers Buckskin Boots

Korkers Buckskin Wading Boot with Felt and Kling-On Outsoles, Chocolate Chip/Black, 9

These boots comes with interchangeable soles that allow you to utilize either rubber or felt. Perfect for the angler who fishes in multiple states that have different regulations.

They also feature large drainage ports as well as internal midsole drainage channels that allow water to exit quicker and make for more comfortable mobility. The uppers are also made of a hydrophobic material which means there will be quicker dry times, which can help with limiting the spread of invasive species.

Be warned that the easily replaceable soles have been known to come off when fishing in muddy environments. Best to stick to rocky or other slippery surfaces when using these boots.

Check the Price at Trident Fly Fishing

Interchangeable solesNot great for using in mud 
Quick Dry times

Duck and Fish Wading Boot

Duck and Fish Men's Felt Sole Wading Shoe (10 US)

Perfect for the angler on a budget, the Duck and Fish wading boot will get you out on the water without breaking your wallet.

This boot is great for wet wading with your favorite pair of wading socks. It comes in standard shoe size, so if you plan on wearing a neoprene bootie then it would be best to order a size larger than normal. 

It comes equipped with a triple padded neoprene collar which will give you extra ankle support and will help keep you upright while wading the rocky river bottoms. 

These normally would not make the list due to the overall durability, but the company is happy to send you a free pair, as long as you can supply the purchase order and a photo of where your boots are breaking.

Check the price on Amazon

Great PriceLacking in Durability
Strong ankle support

Hodgman H3 

Hodgman H3 Wading Boot (felt), Shoe Size - 11

The Hodgman is another great budget boot. Not quite as cheap as the Duck and Fish, but can still be the boot of the budgeted angler.

There is a reinforced toe for added protection, as well as a padded collar and tongue for extra ankle support, cushion, and comfort for those long days of hiking trails and wading river bottoms.

The boot is made with a quick drying, abrasion resistant, hydrophobic material, which will help reduce the spread of invasive species, and increase the boots overall durability.

An issue arises with the glue used to hold the sole together. If worn too much or used too aggressively, the sole can separate from the boot. Be warned that this is not a boot that should be used if you plan on being the water 100 days out of the year.

Check the price on Amazon

Great SupportRun Big
Quick DryingSole Durability

Redington Willow River (Womens)

Redington Women's Willow River Felt Bottom Boot - 7, Sand

These boots are lightweight by design, which will help with fatigue during those long days on the water. They are also stud compatible, which work well for the adventurous angler who needs just a little more grip.

The rubber toe cap helps[ps with these boots durability, as you can continually scrape it against abrasive rocks and stumps without worrying about breaking the toe. The boot also comes with two different soles, either rubber, or felt. 

The boot is made to be worn with a neoprene bootie underneath. So, order you’re normal size if you plan on doing so. If you plan on using a normal wading sock, then order a size below normal.

Check the price at Trident Fly Fishing

Lightweight DesignEyelets can break
Womens sizes

Simms G3 Guide Boots

Simms G3 Best Wading Boots for slippery rocks

Coming in both felt and rubber soles, the Simms G3 is one of the best boots on the market if you’re looking for superior durability as well as great traction on slippery surfaces.

Internally, they are also lined with neoprene. This means it can keep your feet warm when fishing in cold, northern environments and allows you to slide your feet in and out of the boot with ease. 

These boots are also outfitted with a scratch resistant rubber upper. This provides added support at the ankle which helps you traverse slick and tough to see river bottoms. The uppers will take on hard hits from rocks, and brush without batting an eye.

Check the price at SIMMS

Neoprene internalsRun Small
Strong Uppers

Korkers Devils Canyon

Korkers Devil's Canyon Wading Boot with Felt and Kling-On Outsoles, Black, 12

The Devils Canyon provides a nice and tight fit that allows the angler to be agile, and athletic like on the river. It also features replaceable soles that you can easily swap on and off in order to get the kind of traction that you desire.

Adding to the comfort of this boot, you’ll find that it also has a neoprene cuff to it. This helps provide a tight fit that moves with the angler as they walk trails and uneven river bottoms.

The durability of these boots is unmatched. The boa system can last you years or hard fishing and tough environments.

Check out price at Trident Fly Fishing

Athletic FitPricey

Redington Youth Cross Boot

If you want to get your little one into fishing and the great outdoors, then look no further than this boot right here. Redington came out with a great boot design that will not only keep them safer on the water, but will keep them more comfortable.

They feature an incredibly lightweight design, and feature a supportive body to help keep them upright when walking on slippery surfaces. The boots are also stud compantabl for extra grip.

These boots may be a little pricey for a piece of youth footwear, but are a great product that they can utilize.

Check out the price on Amazon

SupportivePricey for youth footwear
Great fit

Orvis Men’s Ultralight Boot

Orvis Men's Ultralight Wading Boot, 11

Another great lightweight boot. The Orvis Ultralihgt’s work great for the angler who enjoy putting serious miles on their boots. The lightweight design is guaranteed to help reduce fatigue, which is going to keep out on the water longer.

Despite the lightweight feel, these boots are surprisingly durable. This is in thanks to an abrasion resistant rubber spray that is added to the boots. This gives them an extra layer of protection which works wonders in areas of the river that are full of abrasive material.

The boot features a custom EVA midsole which helps with keeping your feet comfortable all day. The boots are also stud compatible.

Check the price on ORVIS

Lightweight DesignLaces are too short. Recommend buying longer ones.
All day comfort

The Best Wading Boots for Slippery Rocks – Conclusion

If you’re going to be out in slippery conditions then a good pair of boots is a necessity. It might be nice to skimp out and save some money by using an old pair of tennis shoes, but you’ll quickly feel like you’re on ice skates if you happen to be fishing on slippery surfaces.

Take some time to really find a good pair that works best for you.

Use the list above as your jumping off point, or take a closer look at the boots listed above. We’d bet that one of them may just be the right ones for you.

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