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best gloves for winter fly fishing

The Best Gloves for Winter Fly Fishing

No self-respecting fly fisherman will sit out the entire winter just because of cold weather. Let’s be honest, that’s a long time not to cast a rod. Most enthusiasts know that tailwaters fish great, especially in the winter when the midge hatch is dependable, and the crowds are way down. […]

How should waders fit?

How Should Waders Fit?

If you only wet wade warm water during the summer then read no further. Instead check out a pair of wading boots and ensure your feet are properly protected.  However, most of us will eventually find ourselves fishing in cooler water or in colder temperatures and you’ll need something more […]

Where did fly fishing originate?

Where Did Fly Fishing Originate?

The history of fishing is parallel to the history of mankind. Fishing was a source of survival for humans for tens of thousands of years, before turning into a recreational endeavor and industry powerhouse. Fly fishing is a much younger sport, however, when compared to the history of subsistence fishing, […]