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Best wading boots for slippery rocks

The Best Wading Boots for Slippery Rocks

Algae covered rocks can spell disaster for anglers. They create slippery and unstable walking conditions that could cause at least a small injury or even something more serious. Finding the best wading boots for slippery rocks will up your confidence. When you’re out on the water you need to have reliable […]

How should waders fit?

How Should Waders Fit?

If you only wet wade warm water during the summer then read no further. Instead check out a pair of wading boots and ensure your feet are properly protected.  However, most of us will eventually find ourselves fishing in cooler water or in colder temperatures and you’ll need something more […]

Fly fishing Alaska on a budget

Fly Fishing Alaska On a Budget

Fly fishing is a complicated disease. It infects victims with a desire not only to succeed by catching fish, but also to do it in one of the most difficult ways. For fly fishermen, the true satisfaction comes not from the trophy, but from the pursuit. This affects every aspect […]